Play Online Slot Gambling Easily Get Jackpots Play Online Slot Gambling Easily Get Jackpots

Play Online Slot Gambling Easily Get Jackpots – For professional players in the online slot gambling game, getting wins and the jackpot has certainly become an easy advantage to get.

here we will explain about how today’s slot leaks that will win can be found by slot lovers on the internet. The reason, currently not a few who provide this information.

However, in this article, it’s not only today’s slot leaks that will win, but games that are easy for you to win and tricks to play them. Being able to win when playing real money online slot games is indeed an advantage. But, you need to know that these benefits do not always come from winning.

Playing small slot bets on trusted slot sites is also one of the advantages. Like playing on a deposit slot site using Telkomsel credit.

Not only that, the latest slot sites have a large selection of Play mpo slot games that are the easiest to win. For information about the leaked slots that will win, you can listen to the following points.

In this time of pandemic, playing Pragmatic online slot games that are easy to win is the right choice. Because you can earn extra income with just a cell phone and very affordable funds.

By playing an easy jackpot slot gambling game like one of the games from Play. You can play the game on an easy online slot gambling site to win a credit deposit without a big discount.

So that the opportunity to get a profit is getting closer, then playing slots is easy to win, that’s not enough. You need to understand how to play slot tricks to win. Indeed, there may not be a special trick in playing the best Play slot gambling. Because, basically playing the OVO deposit slot is by clicking the spin button.

However, you must set the value of the bet or stake for that one spin. Now, here is an easy trick to play jackpot slots, that is, you can use the lowest bet first, adjust it to the capital used.

Just use low stakes, for 30 to 100 spins. This aims to lure the jackpot or bonus from the real money deposit online slot gambling game itself.
Because the frequent leaks of slots today will bring up bonuses when players have played long enough. Then, you can increase the value of the bet when you have made a few spins.

Comparison of Gold Bars Vs Gold Jewelry for Investment – In making an investment, there must be many considerations that are made to be able to get a profit. One type of investment that is quite easy to do is gold investment.
In general, gold investments can be in the form of jewelry or bars that can only be stored in a safe place. Well, if you’re confused, here’s a comparison of gold bullion investment and gold jewelry that you should know before investing!

Comparison of Gold Bars vs Gold Jewelry for Investment

Comparison of Gold Bars and Gold Jewelry

Gold Bar Investment

Stable Price

You must already know that gold bullion investments have value over a long period of time and have a stable price.

Investing Goals and Time

Decide what you are investing for and how long you will invest. Don’t let you lose in the future. Because with the right aim you can know what you are doing with your gold.

Gold Bar Investment Security

When buying gold bars you will also be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity which contains important information such as identity number, weight, size and grade level. This is what makes many people prefer to invest in gold bullion.

But other than that, gold investment does not always run smoothly, the obstacles found are the price of gold bullion and the quantity that is difficult to get.

Jewelry Gold Investment

Gold as Accessories

For women in general, they definitely really like jewelry, whether it’s a bracelet, necklace, or ring, and this is one of the reasons why many people like investing in gold in the form of jewelry.

In addition to investing, gold in the form of jewelry, you can also use it as an accessory that will add value to a person’s appearance. Gold has a high value, so it is appropriate to be used as jewelry to support appearance.

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Easy to Get

You will easily get jewelry, when compared to gold bars. You can buy it where you want. In addition, you are also easy to consult at the outlet about the gold that you have bought.

With so many shops selling gold, you should be more careful in buying the gold jewelry. If you choose gold jewelry, you also have to buy in places that are trusted and have certificates.

Do not let you buy fake gold or at levels that do not match the price you pay.

Pretty Expensive Jewelry Making

So, when buying gold jewelry you are not only charged the gold content. But, also the cost of making it. That means you you will incur extra costs.

Generally, the cost of making mass-produced gold jewelry (factory) is around 1-7 percent of the total gold price.

Meanwhile, the cost of making gold jewelry done by home craftsmen is around 15-20 percent of the total gold price.

Unstable Price

By buying jewelry, you don’t expect profit from the jewelry. Don’t be surprised if you sell in the market at a lower price or you sell at a price below you when you bought it and you don’t make a profit.

But, don’t be discouraged first, because you can benefit by buying gold jewelry when the price is down and selling it back when it’s high.

List of Countries with Most Gold Owners – Gold is one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry that can be resold and refunded. The following is a list of countries with the most gold reserves in the world

4. France
This country, which is a romantic vacation destination, in fact also has abundant precious metal assets. France is known to have gold reserves of 2,436 tons or 130 tons more than Russia. The reserves are in the form of coins and a number of gold bars weighing 12.5 kilograms.

In recent years, France has only sold a small amount of their gold reserves. They even called for the withdrawal of some assets held in foreign vaults and their transfer to the Banque de France Warehouse in Paris.

List of Countries with Most Gold Owners

3. Italy
Not to be outdone by France and Russia, Italy became the next country with the most gold reserves. Italy is known to have 2,451.8 tons of gold.

Amazingly, unlike most other countries, Italy’s assets are relatively stable, not fluctuating. They even refused to sell gold to other countries during the 2011 eurozone crisis. Italy’s gold reserves consist mostly of gold bullion and coins all of which are securely deposited in the Bank of Italy.

2. Germany
Possessing 1,000 tons more gold than Italy, Germany ranks second as the country with the most gold reserves in the world, at 3,362.4 tons. Whether because there are too many or what, Germany is known to have a variety of storage places. Be it at home or abroad.

Germany keeps its gold reserves in the Deutsche Bundesbank located in Frankfurt. They also hold hundreds of tons of gold, the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States in New York and the Bank of England in London.

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1. United States of America
You could say, the United States is one of the countries that almost always gets the first title in many ways, including the matter of the country’s gold reserves. Reported by Good Returns, this country has gold reserves of 8,133.5 tons which makes it perched in the first position.

If most countries store gold in other countries, the United States keeps it domestically, precisely in The United States Bullion Depository or commonly called Fort Knox. This fort-like building has an insane level of security and is located close to an army post. Not only that, the United States has also opened gold storage services for other countries.

Tips for Wearing Gold Jewelry for Men – Not only women who can look stunning wearing a piece of jewelry on her body. Men can also use jewelry for fashion. But for men, you have to be really careful in placing your jewelry so it’s not tacky

1. Using earrings

For men, wearing earrings in only one ear will be an interesting statement. That’s also if you like anything flashy. The most important thing is that the earrings you wear can make you more confident, and don’t look forced.

However, if you like smooth piercings, Colin Farrell’s lobe hoop can be an option if you want to keep it simple. It’s just a matter of customizing it.

Tips for Wearing Gold Jewelry for Men

2. Wearing the right necklace

If men want to add a dashing impression to the outfit, then combine necklaces. Worn over a plain shirt or t-shirt, men’s necklaces can really enhance an appearance, from casual to smart casual just like that.

It is recommended to stick to only one necklace. Nothing will weigh you down like a thick necklace that doesn’t match your charms.

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3. Wearing a matching ring

If you’re only going to wear one ring, make sure it makes a statement. This ring is a timeless work that has been around since time immemorial, most often used to signify a family crest or a personal crest usually worn on the little finger.

However, if you don’t have an ancestral crest, you can wear it simply because you think it’s cool on whichever finger you like. Make sure the ring is not too big or too small, it won’t fit either!

4. Choose stack rings

Wearing multiple rings on both hands can be a daunting prospect. You can be ridiculed if you don’t use it properly. The trick is to keep them in relatively the same color and style. For example, silver against silver, skull with other gloomy gothic iconography. You also have to be relatively eccentric in your sense of dress as well.

If you’re just into sweatpants and hoodies, stacking rings might not suit your style as they might not match the streetwear aesthetic. However, if you like suits and pointed boots, stack rings might suit your personality.

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Easy Ways to Care and Clean Gold Jewelry – Many people spend money on shopping. Some people buy things that make them happy, such as gold. Gold is an expensive jewelry, gold can be used for fashion. Most people love their gold jewelry so they don’t want to be dirty and dull. Here’s an easy way to care for and clean your gold jewelry

Choose the right cleaning fluid
Gold shop owners have special gold jewelry cleaners that make it easy for them to care for your jewelry. However, you don’t have to buy the liquid to clean gold yourself at home. Some cleaning fluids commonly used at home can be an alternative to cleaning gold jewelry that is more economical, for example:

Mixture of detergent and soda
You can mix detergent and soda in one bowl. After stirring well, put the jewelry in the liquid. Wait about 10-20 minutes, remove and use a soft bristle brush to gently clean it until there is no dirt attached. Wash with water and dry with a soft cloth.

Dish soap
Just pour in a little dish soap and water, mix well, and soak your jewelry for 5 minutes. Take a soft brush to gently clean the dirt. Rinse with water and dry.

Avoid cleaning jewelry with boiling water
Your gold jewelry has gemstones? If so, avoid cleaning the jewelry with boiling water. Hot water can damage gold jewelry, from making the metal expand, loosening the glue on jewelry, to making gemstones fall out of place. In fact, there are several types of gemstones that can break and split.

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If you want to wash the dirt that sticks, it is recommended to use warm water or plain water. Do the rinsing slowly and not for too long, so that no gemstones are dislodged.

Take off jewelry when showering or putting on make-up
Bath soaps, shampoos, facial cleansers, and toothpastes contain certain chemicals that make the gold shine fade. It’s a good idea to take off your gold jewelry when you take a shower to avoid frequent exposure to the chemicals in these products.

Likewise when wearing make-up and facial care products. Get into the habit of wearing jewelry after you’re done making up. It also keeps your jewelry from getting dirty easily due to deposition of liquid lotion or powder.

Tips for Using Gold Jewelry to Last If treated properly and properly, gold jewelry will last for years. Here are some things to keep in mind when wearing gold jewelry:

1. Remove gold jewelry when exercising or doing risky activities
Gold is a soft metal. This makes the quality of gold jewelry susceptible to decline due to being slammed, scratched or hit by a hard object so that it is dented. We recommend that you remove your gold rings, watches, and bracelets when exercising or engaging in risky activities.

2. Chlorine is the enemy of gold
With repeated exposure, chlorine will weaken the structure of your gold jewelry and eventually cause it to break. Be sure to remove your jewelery before entering the pool or spa.

3. Be careful with cleaning fluids
Household cleaners that contain acids or abrasives can damage the gold coating on your jewelry. Wear rubber gloves when or remove gold jewelry when you clean furniture with abrasives.

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What are the advantages of gold investment – In an increasingly advanced era, many people are increasingly thinking about their future. Many people are selling, many are investing. There are many variations in investing, ranging from money, property and much more. Recently, gold has been used as an investment material. Here are the advantages of investing in gold:

Advantages of Gold Investment

Investment in the form of gold has advantages that other types of investment do not have in terms of the value of goods, storage, risk, and so on. The following are the advantages of investing in gold in full.

No change in quality
Gold investment is known as a type of investment that does not experience a shift in quality, nor does its value change significantly. In contrast to money investments, which often experience drastic movements or property investments, which often decline due to area conditions.

Low risk
Because the price is stable, the risk of gold investment also tends to be low. This gold investment is suitable for beginners, for example by starting a small gold investment according to ability.

No extra cost
Gold is one of the precious metals that is getting less and less so that it is getting rarer and the price has the potential to increase. Even though there is a decline, it is still within a reasonable range and in a short time the price will rise again.

Shape can be changed
Gold can be made or changed its shape as desired, for example into jewelry, household appliances, accessories, hand ornaments, and so on. The price will remain high according to the level of carat. It doesn’t have to be with high funds. The advantages of investing in gold are the initial capital, it doesn’t have to be with high funds. The average price of gold is around Rp. 600 thousand per gram, so it is relatively affordable for various groups.

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You can set aside income to start investing in gold or pay in installments where there are now many online shops and outlets that sell gold with a credit system. Easy isn’t it?

The recommended gold investment is precious metal gold that has a certificate and is recognized by foreign countries. The advantage of investing in gold from the privacy side is that it is safer, investing in official companies keeps your identity, other people will not know how much gold you have.

Easy to melt
Gold investment is easy to liquidate, when in an emergency, you can sell it for quick cash. The place is also easy to find so you don’t have to bother looking for it.

Easy to move
Moving gold for IDR 300 million compared to moving IDR 300 million is certainly easier for gold. Cash has a larger volume so it is difficult and high risk to move. While gold has a lower weight and can be hidden to ensure security.

Gold Mining Producing Regions in Indonesia Gold Mining Producing Regions in Indonesia

Gold Mining Producing Regions in Indonesia – Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, here are some articles that discuss gold-producing areas in Indonesia.

Indonesia is blessed with abundant pure gold. This is proven by the sustainability of the gold mining industry, which has continued to develop until now. There are several areas that serve as the largest gold mining centers in Indonesia, namely Papua, Sumbawa, Dompu Sumatra, and West Java.


West Nusa Tenggara is currently lined up to be one of the regions with the highest mineral resources in Indonesia, as evidenced by the persistence of gold mining in this province. Until 2020, two large mining companies have been present in West Nusa Tenggara.


Sumbawa is another area in West Nusa Tenggara that operates gold mining. Amman Mineral or previously known as Newmont takes a production position in the vicinity of the green stone mine,

Sumbawa Island.

Mineral mining activities that have been carried out began in 2000, and are also the longest mining activities in Indonesia. In 2020, Amman Mineral reported that gold mining yields reached 4.12 million ounces.


The next largest mining producing area is managed by PT Freeport Indonesia. This company is located in the Tembagapura plains, Mimika, Papua and started its activities in 1967. Until now Papua has become the largest gold producing area in Indonesia, as evidenced by the mining results that have remained productive for decades. For the 2020 quarter, PT Freeport earns 240 kilograms of pure gold every day.

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The Martabe gold mine is the largest pure gold spot in the North Sumatra Region. Taking a work location in Batang Toru, North Sumatra Province, mining has been started since 2008. Until now, profits from Martabe gold mining have continued to increase, reaching 350 thousand ounces each year.

One of the pure gold producing areas in this part of Java Island is Pongkor, which is located in West Java Province. Mining activities that have been started since 1994 are managed by PT Antam Tambang Tbk. The latest information says that mining in the Pongkor area will run out of contracts in 2021.
Even so, Antam said it would maximize pure gold production, with a target of reaching a capacity of 2 tonnes a year.

The Most Expensive Gold Fact in the World The Most Expensive Gold Fact in the World

The Most Expensive Gold Fact in the World – Gold is one of the preferred items, especially for people who are in the sense of having more money, usually gold is used as an investment material. with the price that continues to increase, many investors choose to invest in gold. The following are facts about the most expensive gold in the world, which have been compiled from trusted sources.

1. Early Week Sale IDR 1,028,000 / Gram

The gold price of PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) at the beginning of this week did not change. Antam’s gold price is still selling for Rp1,028,000 per gram.

2. Starting Up One Thousand

On the second day earlier this week, the price of gold rose by Rp1,000. So that on Tuesday, August 4 trading, the precious metal is priced at IDR 1,029,000 / gram.
The gold price of PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) at the beginning of this week did not change. Antam’s gold price is still selling for Rp1,028,000 per gram.

3. Skyrocketed IDR 19,000 / Gram

On the third day or Wednesday, 5 August 2020, Antam’s gold price is getting more expensive with an increase of up to IDR 19,000 per gram. Antam’s gold price was sold for Rp1,048,000 per gram. This price was then the highest price for precious metals.

4. Increasingly and Continuing to Print Records

The price of gold on Thursday, August 6, 2020, again set a new record. The price of gold that Antam sells is IDR 1,054,000 per gram

5. The price is higher

On trading weekends or Friday, August 7, 2020, gold is sold increasingly expensive. The price is up to IDR 1,065,000 per gram. The price for 1 kilogram (kg) is sold for IDR 1 billion.

Did you know that the most expensive type of gold is the type of struck gold.
The gold price of Antam or PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) jumped Rp. 11,000 per gram to Rp. 1,065,000 per gram on Friday, August 7, 2020. This price again broke the previous highest price record of Rp. 1,054,000 per gram.

Meanwhile, Antam’s gold buyback price rose Rp 11,000 to Rp 964,000 per gram. The buyback price is a benchmark, if you sell, Antam will buy it at a price of IDR 964 thousand per gram.

Meanwhile, Antam’s price of batik-patterned gold with a size of 10 grams is set at Rp. 10,800,000, while for the size of 20 grams it is sold for Rp. 21,050,000.

This is the price of Antam’s gold which is sold in Pulogadung, Jakarta. Currently, Antam sells gold with sizes ranging from 0.5 grams to 1,000 grams. As of 09.19 WIB, the majority of Antam’s gold measures are still available.

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Antam’s gold price does not include PPh 22 of 0.9 percent. You can get a lower tax discount (0.45 percent) if you include a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP).

The following is a list of Antam’s gold prices:

* 0.5 gram fraction IDR 562,000

* 1 gram denomination IDR 1,065,000

* 2 gram denomination Rp. 2,070,000

* 3 gram denomination Rp. 3,080,000

* 5 gram denomination IDR 5,105,000

* 10 gram fraction of IDR 10,145,000

* 25 gram fraction of IDR 25,237,000

* 50 gram fraction of IDR 50,395,000

* 100 gram fraction of IDR 100,712,000

* 250 gram denomination IDR 251,515,000

* 500 gram denomination IDR 502,820,000

* 1,000 gram denominations of IDR 1,005,600,000.

Dressing without accessories is sometimes like vegetables without salt. Accessories provide a special touch that makes the display more perfect. One type of accessory that many women choose is usually made of metal.

The many choices of metal colors available today, such as gold, rose gold, and bronze, often make women confused about choosing them. To determine the suitable color of metal accessories, it can be seen based on the skin tone. The three most commonly recognized skin tones are cool, warm, and neutral.


How to distinguish skin color types also varies. The most common way can be seen from the wrist. If your veins tend to be blue then you have a cool skin tone. If your veins tend to be green, you have a warm skin tone. If the colors are hard to distinguish, there are blues and greens, then you have a neutral skin tone.

Cool skin tones should choose metal accessories with silver, platinum, or white gold shades. Other accessory colors that are great for this skin type are blue, purple, magenta, pink, and red.

If you like pastel colors, cool skin tones are also suitable for wearing pastel green, baby blue, rose pink, plum, and raspberry. Emerald gold color can also be the right choice for this skin type. Simply put, the atmosphere ‘ocean’ color suits cool skin tones.

Warm skin tones should choose metal accessories with golden, copper or bronze shades. Other suitable supporting colors are turquoise, coral, green, orange, and yellow. If you like pastel colors, you can choose charcoal gray, beige and mocha colors. Off white, ivory, and peach are also great for warm-toned skin.
How lucky it is if you have a neutral skin type, because you can wear both colors. Neutral skin has skin tones that look ‘stable’ when wearing any color. There are times when other types of skin tone can look more ‘dull’ when wearing the wrong color.

However, it must be remembered that the key to looking good is confidence. If you have cool skin tones but are happy with warm colors, there’s nothing wrong with going outside this rule.


Don’t Be Tempted By Gold And Silver – with global economic markets often on the rise and fall, there are some headlines floating around the internet that urge you to invest some (or all) of your retirement funds in gold and silver. You should absolutely not do this.

A recent report from Quartz details how predatory Facebook ads have been targeting senior citizens — especially those who lean politically conservative. Those ads are used to get seniors on the phone with a salesman who uses “extremely high pressure” tactics.

How The Scam Works
The scammer will warn their mark about a supposed new law that would enable the government to confiscate retirement savings in the event of a major recession. Or they will offer to protect a retirement fund from a coming economic crash caused by Democratic political action. If you fall for it, you”ll be asked to transfer your retirement savings into a specialized IRA. This self-directed IRA is able to invest in a variety of areas, including previous metals.

The problem is that any gold and silver will be bought at inflated prices. The value of that IRA will almost instantly drop in half (or more). Here’s the story of one senior, Cheryl, who spoke to Quartz about her experience.

“Eventually she agreed and, at the direction of the salesman, she said, she transferred $83,000 of her retirement savings into a self-directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA), a special kind of IRA that allows a broader range of investments, including precious metals. Then, with the salesman’s help, her $83,000 was used to purchase silver coins from Chase Metals to be held in the IRA. Separately, she bought $60,000 worth of coins that she had delivered directly to her home.”

“When she checked her IRA balance online, she said, it turned out that instead of the $83,000 she expected to have, her holdings were worth less than a third of that. That’s because the price of the coins she purchased was far higher than the value of the precious metal they contained.”

Should You Invest in Gold or Silver?
Cheryl’s story is a sad one. All told, she estimates that she lost around $25,000. In the end, she had to sell some of the coins she bought separately back to Chase Metals just to recoup a portion of her funds. Naturally, they offered a much lower price than the one she originally paid for them.

While plenty of people do invest in precious metals, it’s a highly volatile market filled with shady characters and organizations. The AARP regularly warns citizens to beware of coin scams. Additionally, most financial experts would only advise putting a maximum of 5% of your investments in precious metals.

Chase Metals (and their associated brands and TMTE) have attracted the attention from state regulators. They have been accused of fraud and illegally offering investment advice. In some cases, Quartz uncovered cases where they sold gold and silver coins at over 200% markup. Many states, such as Texas, Kentucky, and Georgia have already taken action against the company.

Important Tips to Remember
Maybe you enjoy the thought of having a pile of gold around, to bring out your inner pirate. If you do want to buy precious metals, there’s one important thing to remember. The value of any gold or silver product doesn’t come from it being a “collectible” or collector’s item. Those are unregulated phrases that can be used by anyone.

The true value in a gold or silver coin/brick/bullion/whatever is only in its “melt value.” That is, the actual value of all the precious metals inside it, if melted down. Most collectible coins are not 100% gold or silver, but rather filled with a bunch of other, less valuable metals. Anytime you are buying gold or silver, ask for the item’s melt value. In some cases, Chase Metals was selling coins with about $26 of silver in them for $56 each. That a terrible investment, no matter how you slice it.

How To Protect Yourself (or Your Parents)
There’s a reason these scammers prey on senior citizens. Your elderly loved ones might feel a bit overwhelmed by technology. Maybe they are worried about their retirement investments not lasting. Either way, here’s what you should keep in mind to protect yourself. It’s also worth having a talk with your aging parents about the topic.

Legitimate precious metal companies won’t cold call you about investments. You should always speak, in person, to a legitimate financial adviser before you invest in gold or silver. Remind your parents (and yourself) that sketchy Facebook ads are often disguised to look legitimate. As a company, Facebook has faced numerous criticisms over allowing misleading ads, both political and otherwise.

If you suspect that you or someone you know has fallen victim to a gold or silver scam, you should contact your state’s office of the North American Securities Administrators Association. Use this website to find your closest one. You should also report it to Jakarta’s consumer protection office.