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Comparison of Gold Bars Vs Gold Jewelry for Investment – In making an investment, there must be many considerations that are made to be able to get a profit. One type of investment that is quite easy to do is gold investment.
In general, gold investments can be in the form of jewelry or bars that can only be stored in a safe place. Well, if you’re confused, here’s a comparison of gold bullion investment and gold jewelry that you should know before investing!

Comparison of Gold Bars vs Gold Jewelry for Investment

Comparison of Gold Bars and Gold Jewelry

Gold Bar Investment

Stable Price

You must already know that gold bullion investments have value over a long period of time and have a stable price.

Investing Goals and Time

Decide what you are investing for and how long you will invest. Don’t let you lose in the future. Because with the right aim you can know what you are doing with your gold.

Gold Bar Investment Security

When buying gold bars you will also be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity which contains important information such as identity number, weight, size and grade level. This is what makes many people prefer to invest in gold bullion.

But other than that, gold investment does not always run smoothly, the obstacles found are the price of gold bullion and the quantity that is difficult to get.

Jewelry Gold Investment

Gold as Accessories

For women in general, they definitely really like jewelry, whether it’s a bracelet, necklace, or ring, and this is one of the reasons why many people like investing in gold in the form of jewelry.

In addition to investing, gold in the form of jewelry, you can also use it as an accessory that will add value to a person’s appearance. Gold has a high value, so it is appropriate to be used as jewelry to support appearance.

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Easy to Get

You will easily get jewelry, when compared to gold bars. You can buy it where you want. In addition, you are also easy to consult at the outlet about the gold that you have bought.

With so many shops selling gold, you should be more careful in buying the gold jewelry. If you choose gold jewelry, you also have to buy in places that are trusted and have certificates.

Do not let you buy fake gold or at levels that do not match the price you pay.

Pretty Expensive Jewelry Making

So, when buying gold jewelry you are not only charged the gold content. But, also the cost of making it. That means you you will incur extra costs.

Generally, the cost of making mass-produced gold jewelry (factory) is around 1-7 percent of the total gold price.

Meanwhile, the cost of making gold jewelry done by home craftsmen is around 15-20 percent of the total gold price.

Unstable Price

By buying jewelry, you don’t expect profit from the jewelry. Don’t be surprised if you sell in the market at a lower price or you sell at a price below you when you bought it and you don’t make a profit.

But, don’t be discouraged first, because you can benefit by buying gold jewelry when the price is down and selling it back when it’s high.