should i buy gold or silver 2022

Investable Forms of Gold and Silver Investable Forms of Gold and Silver

Investable Forms of Gold and Silver Various forms of gold and silver can be used as investments. In plain view, these two types of precious metals have differences, including: Physically gold can be classified into two types: bars and dinars. While silver is physically divided into two: bars and dirhams (silver coins). Gold bars and dinars are produced by PT Aneka Tambang (Antam). Likewise, silver bars and dirhams are also produced by PT Antam. All physical forms of bars and dinars/dirhams produced by PT Antam are accompanied by official certificates so that they are very liquid and can be traded globally. In physical form, both of them are also often found to have become jewelry with various variations, such as precious stones and others. It is not recommended to invest in jewelry because the selling price can decrease.

Gold vs Silver, Here’s the Result

Non-physically, gold and silver investment can be done through online trading. The mechanism and the way it works are completely different from physical investments (bars/dinars/dirhams). The online gold and silver trading system is similar to foreign exchange (forex) trading. The most famous example for trading gold online is with the XAU/USD pair system. Meanwhile online silver trading can be found in the market with the XAG/USD pair. This type of investment in trading requires skills, knowledge, and experience that are more complex than conventional methods of gold or silver bullion. If you want to try to get into online gold trading, it is highly recommended that you first learn the principles of forex trading.

Between Gold and Silver, Which is the Risky Investment? As an investor, one of the first aspects that must be considered is the investment risk itself. Gold and silver have limitations because they are both physical. If investing in both metals, must have a safe place. There are many gold or silver storage facilities such as at the Pegadaian. The downside, depositing it in a safe will incur a deposit fee. Which one is risky between gold and silver investment? To answer this question, it cannot be immediately decided. The thing that affects the most is the foresight of investors themselves because of market dynamics that can be very volatile. When viewed from the liquidity of gold and silver, gold is more liquid because most people in Indonesia prefer gold as an investment option. If you play in trading, both gold and silver, it also has risks. The most important factor that must be considered is fluctuations or price movements on the stock exchange. Silver tends to be more volatile than gold. So, is gold investment more advisable? Of course not. Because the price of gold today is also volatile. The most important thing here is carefulness in determining when we should buy or sell. If it is right, silver investment can also be maximized.