October 2020

Gold Mining Producing Regions in Indonesia Gold Mining Producing Regions in Indonesia

Gold Mining Producing Regions in Indonesia – Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, here are some articles that discuss gold-producing areas in Indonesia.

Indonesia is blessed with abundant pure gold. This is proven by the sustainability of the gold mining industry, which has continued to develop until now. There are several areas that serve as the largest gold mining centers in Indonesia, namely Papua, Sumbawa, Dompu Sumatra, and West Java.


West Nusa Tenggara is currently lined up to be one of the regions with the highest mineral resources in Indonesia, as evidenced by the persistence of gold mining in this province. Until 2020, two large mining companies have been present in West Nusa Tenggara.


Sumbawa is another area in West Nusa Tenggara that operates gold mining. Amman Mineral or previously known as Newmont takes a production position in the vicinity of the green stone mine,

Sumbawa Island.

Mineral mining activities that have been carried out began in 2000, and are also the longest mining activities in Indonesia. In 2020, Amman Mineral reported that gold mining yields reached 4.12 million ounces.


The next largest mining producing area is managed by PT Freeport Indonesia. This company is located in the Tembagapura plains, Mimika, Papua and started its activities in 1967. Until now Papua has become the largest gold producing area in Indonesia, as evidenced by the mining results that have remained productive for decades. For the 2020 quarter, PT Freeport earns 240 kilograms of pure gold every day.

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The Martabe gold mine is the largest pure gold spot in the North Sumatra Region. Taking a work location in Batang Toru, North Sumatra Province, mining has been started since 2008. Until now, profits from Martabe gold mining have continued to increase, reaching 350 thousand ounces each year.

One of the pure gold producing areas in this part of Java Island is Pongkor, which is located in West Java Province. Mining activities that have been started since 1994 are managed by PT Antam Tambang Tbk. The latest information says that mining in the Pongkor area will run out of contracts in 2021.
Even so, Antam said it would maximize pure gold production, with a target of reaching a capacity of 2 tonnes a year.

The Most Expensive Gold Fact in the World The Most Expensive Gold Fact in the World

The Most Expensive Gold Fact in the World – Gold is one of the preferred items, especially for people who are in the sense of having more money, usually gold is used as an investment material. with the price that continues to increase, many investors choose to invest in gold. The following are facts about the most expensive gold in the world, which have been compiled from trusted sources.

1. Early Week Sale IDR 1,028,000 / Gram

The gold price of PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) at the beginning of this week did not change. Antam’s gold price is still selling for Rp1,028,000 per gram.

2. Starting Up One Thousand

On the second day earlier this week, the price of gold rose by Rp1,000. So that on Tuesday, August 4 trading, the precious metal is priced at IDR 1,029,000 / gram.
The gold price of PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) at the beginning of this week did not change. Antam’s gold price is still selling for Rp1,028,000 per gram.

3. Skyrocketed IDR 19,000 / Gram

On the third day or Wednesday, 5 August 2020, Antam’s gold price is getting more expensive with an increase of up to IDR 19,000 per gram. Antam’s gold price was sold for Rp1,048,000 per gram. This price was then the highest price for precious metals.

4. Increasingly and Continuing to Print Records

The price of gold on Thursday, August 6, 2020, again set a new record. The price of gold that Antam sells is IDR 1,054,000 per gram

5. The price is higher

On trading weekends or Friday, August 7, 2020, gold is sold increasingly expensive. The price is up to IDR 1,065,000 per gram. The price for 1 kilogram (kg) is sold for IDR 1 billion.

Did you know that the most expensive type of gold is the type of struck gold.
The gold price of Antam or PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) jumped Rp. 11,000 per gram to Rp. 1,065,000 per gram on Friday, August 7, 2020. This price again broke the previous highest price record of Rp. 1,054,000 per gram.

Meanwhile, Antam’s gold buyback price rose Rp 11,000 to Rp 964,000 per gram. The buyback price is a benchmark, if you sell, Antam will buy it at a price of IDR 964 thousand per gram.

Meanwhile, Antam’s price of batik-patterned gold with a size of 10 grams is set at Rp. 10,800,000, while for the size of 20 grams it is sold for Rp. 21,050,000.

This is the price of Antam’s gold which is sold in Pulogadung, Jakarta. Currently, Antam sells gold with sizes ranging from 0.5 grams to 1,000 grams. As of 09.19 WIB, the majority of Antam’s gold measures are still available.

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Antam’s gold price does not include PPh 22 of 0.9 percent. You can get a lower tax discount (0.45 percent) if you include a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP).

The following is a list of Antam’s gold prices:

* 0.5 gram fraction IDR 562,000

* 1 gram denomination IDR 1,065,000

* 2 gram denomination Rp. 2,070,000

* 3 gram denomination Rp. 3,080,000

* 5 gram denomination IDR 5,105,000

* 10 gram fraction of IDR 10,145,000

* 25 gram fraction of IDR 25,237,000

* 50 gram fraction of IDR 50,395,000

* 100 gram fraction of IDR 100,712,000

* 250 gram denomination IDR 251,515,000

* 500 gram denomination IDR 502,820,000

* 1,000 gram denominations of IDR 1,005,600,000.