how to invest gold

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What are the advantages of gold investment – In an increasingly advanced era, many people are increasingly thinking about their future. Many people are selling, many are investing. There are many variations in investing, ranging from money, property and much more. Recently, gold has been used as an investment material. Here are the advantages of investing in gold:

Advantages of Gold Investment

Investment in the form of gold has advantages that other types of investment do not have in terms of the value of goods, storage, risk, and so on. The following are the advantages of investing in gold in full.

No change in quality
Gold investment is known as a type of investment that does not experience a shift in quality, nor does its value change significantly. In contrast to money investments, which often experience drastic movements or property investments, which often decline due to area conditions.

Low risk
Because the price is stable, the risk of gold investment also tends to be low. This gold investment is suitable for beginners, for example by starting a small gold investment according to ability.

No extra cost
Gold is one of the precious metals that is getting less and less so that it is getting rarer and the price has the potential to increase. Even though there is a decline, it is still within a reasonable range and in a short time the price will rise again.

Shape can be changed
Gold can be made or changed its shape as desired, for example into jewelry, household appliances, accessories, hand ornaments, and so on. The price will remain high according to the level of carat. It doesn’t have to be with high funds. The advantages of investing in gold are the initial capital, it doesn’t have to be with high funds. The average price of gold is around Rp. 600 thousand per gram, so it is relatively affordable for various groups.

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You can set aside income to start investing in gold or pay in installments where there are now many online shops and outlets that sell gold with a credit system. Easy isn’t it?

The recommended gold investment is precious metal gold that has a certificate and is recognized by foreign countries. The advantage of investing in gold from the privacy side is that it is safer, investing in official companies keeps your identity, other people will not know how much gold you have.

Easy to melt
Gold investment is easy to liquidate, when in an emergency, you can sell it for quick cash. The place is also easy to find so you don’t have to bother looking for it.

Easy to move
Moving gold for IDR 300 million compared to moving IDR 300 million is certainly easier for gold. Cash has a larger volume so it is difficult and high risk to move. While gold has a lower weight and can be hidden to ensure security.