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Easy Ways to Care and Clean Gold Jewelry – Many people spend money on shopping. Some people buy things that make them happy, such as gold. Gold is an expensive jewelry, gold can be used for fashion. Most people love their gold jewelry so they don’t want to be dirty and dull. Here’s an easy way to care for and clean your gold jewelry

Choose the right cleaning fluid
Gold shop owners have special gold jewelry cleaners that make it easy for them to care for your jewelry. However, you don’t have to buy the liquid to clean gold yourself at home. Some cleaning fluids commonly used at home can be an alternative to cleaning gold jewelry that is more economical, for example:

Mixture of detergent and soda
You can mix detergent and soda in one bowl. After stirring well, put the jewelry in the liquid. Wait about 10-20 minutes, remove and use a soft bristle brush to gently clean it until there is no dirt attached. Wash with water and dry with a soft cloth.

Dish soap
Just pour in a little dish soap and water, mix well, and soak your jewelry for 5 minutes. Take a soft brush to gently clean the dirt. Rinse with water and dry.

Avoid cleaning jewelry with boiling water
Your gold jewelry has gemstones? If so, avoid cleaning the jewelry with boiling water. Hot water can damage gold jewelry, from making the metal expand, loosening the glue on jewelry, to making gemstones fall out of place. In fact, there are several types of gemstones that can break and split.

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If you want to wash the dirt that sticks, it is recommended to use warm water or plain water. Do the rinsing slowly and not for too long, so that no gemstones are dislodged.

Take off jewelry when showering or putting on make-up
Bath soaps, shampoos, facial cleansers, and toothpastes contain certain chemicals that make the gold shine fade. It’s a good idea to take off your gold jewelry when you take a shower to avoid frequent exposure to the chemicals in these products.

Likewise when wearing make-up and facial care products. Get into the habit of wearing jewelry after you’re done making up. It also keeps your jewelry from getting dirty easily due to deposition of liquid lotion or powder.

Tips for Using Gold Jewelry to Last If treated properly and properly, gold jewelry will last for years. Here are some things to keep in mind when wearing gold jewelry:

1. Remove gold jewelry when exercising or doing risky activities
Gold is a soft metal. This makes the quality of gold jewelry susceptible to decline due to being slammed, scratched or hit by a hard object so that it is dented. We recommend that you remove your gold rings, watches, and bracelets when exercising or engaging in risky activities.

2. Chlorine is the enemy of gold
With repeated exposure, chlorine will weaken the structure of your gold jewelry and eventually cause it to break. Be sure to remove your jewelery before entering the pool or spa.

3. Be careful with cleaning fluids
Household cleaners that contain acids or abrasives can damage the gold coating on your jewelry. Wear rubber gloves when or remove gold jewelry when you clean furniture with abrasives.